Access thru home router- Renesas YRDKRX63N


How do you access the cloud thru a home router? Do you need to configure the router to let specific traffic thru? I’m using the Renesas YRDKRX63N and can’t get cloud access. Everything seems to be initialized correctly- Ethernet is connected but no cloud access…


Hello Warren,
I am willing to bet that you have everything setup correctly, as there isn’t any secret sauce or setup that you need to include on your end in order to talk to our platform. The truth of the matter is that the RX63N is an old product that is not fully supported anymore. There is a bug in the original device code that manifested itself some years after the device’s original release. After some changes we made to improve performance, some hard coded practices the RX63N code is using creates a conflict that prevents communication to the platform out-of-the-box.

The device is a fully functioning piece of hardware that is fully capable of connecting to Exosite. If you would like to continue using the device, it is going to require some more effort.

Some updated code is available for download here:
The code was developed within IAR and I would recommend using that IDE to re-flash the device.

That would be a good starting place if you chose to continue using this device.



Is there a different Renesas kit that works out of the box?


Yep! There is a newer device called the RL78; Details on the device are present here: