Access to Whitelabel Account: Authorization failed


I’ve got a whitelabel account and have created a Dashboard with a generic device.

I tried to send data to the created dataports but I just get the Response
"code":401,“message”:“Authorization failed”,“context”:null from my Test-Software using the Exosite .NET-API.

My Test-Software is running properly with my Exosite Free account, so I am quite sure, that this is not the Problem.

Instead of using “” (valid for my Free account)
I am using “” for my whitelabel account.

As I am using a generic device, I don’t need to activate it and do the whole provisioning process, right?

Any idea?

Thank you,


You are correct, a generic device’s CIK should not need activation.

A 401 should not come back if the CIK is valid and activated, it may be worth double-checking your CIK again. If you continue to have trouble, you could open a ticket with us by emailing

There you could privately share your CIK with us, and we can help you trouble shoot this further. It may be useful to create a capture of your transmission(through Wireshark or similar program) and share that with us.