Android Example Exosite Application Error

Hi ,

I am using Texas instrument Connected launchpad, I want to control
the LED through Android App over internet. I got example code from
But it seems not compiling and running.
can i get working android code?
Ashok r


Hi Ashok,

That sample application was developed with a previous version of Android Studio: version 0.4.2. What version are you running?



Hi Dan,

I am using eclipse based IDE with Android SDK 21.0
Android open source Version is

Ashok R


That may the the cause of your build issues, since Eclipse has a different build environment. Here’s where you can get Android Studio:

We don’t have a sample that has been tested with Eclipse at the moment, unfortunately. All of our Android samples are based on Android Studio. If you prefer Eclipse it should be possible to migrate an Android Studio project, but based on some looking it does require some manual steps:



Hi Dan ,

Now i am trying with Android Studio and getting many errors ,
Error Loading Project: Cannot load module OnePlatformRPC also

please find this snap

Ashok r



Thanks for letting me know. Last Friday I updated the sample code to build with Android Studio 1.0.2. I also renamed the repo, and it looks like a file in the .idea directory that still pointed at the old name. This caused a warning prompt for me when I did a clean checkout just now, though the app still built and ran once I continued.

I’ve just updated that repo. If you do a clean checkout now it should work without the warning. I also updated the README instructions, which previously specified a particular project directory name. You can now clone the project more simply like this:

$ git clone

Let me know if you have any questions.



By the way, another project you might look at is here:

This project demonstrates using Portals user credentials to get your portals and devices.