Bug in widget bar chart?



I have a problem with the widget bar chart. As you can see on the following picture, i would like to visualize my electric consummation per hour and per day. I use exactly the same data source, but i just change “time range” and “group data every” in configuration of the widget. It should works no ?

The graph bar for consummation per hour is ok, seems no bug, but the graph per day is not logical !

I add that i send my power every minute, that why i use the report “summary of values”

Have I don’t understand something, or is it a bug ?


i confirm : there is a big problem in the widget bar chart at group every day, time range every week ; if i use the report “count value”, i have about 100 values, but i have more than 700 value…

i don’t understand, i works very good with groupe every hour, time range every day…


You’re right that that is quite confusing. You’re probably running into the the 200 datapoint limit for how much data widgets can read at a time. I’ll file a bug with the portals team and see if there is any workaround for this.

My only suggestion at the moment would be to use a script that sums up the incoming data into bins of days or hours and write that into a different dataport and just plot that dataport with a line graph.