Can we connect TI AM437x kit to Exosite portal?


Hello All,

I am trying to use TI’s AM437x starter kit for connecting to Exosite portal. Since it is not ExositeReady hardware platform, I just wanted to confirm if it can be added as a generic device and be used for development with Exosite.



Hi Prakash,

It definitely can. The general rule of thumb is, if you can open a TCP socket or send a UDP packet you can use Exosite’s platform.

If you’re planing on writing the firmware directly to the hardware you can make your own exosite ready port, see the porting guide,, or you can use any manufacturer provided protocol libraries to directly call our APIs, see

If you planning on running Linux, you can still use exosite ready with the existing POSIX port, but you can also use any of the higher level libraries that we offer: Either will work, but the latter will likely offer quicker development time.


Thanks Patrick for your quick reply!