Can we store files in Portals through API


Hello guys,

We´ve developed a js lib for our widgets, with sole intention of applying changes to all portals using this lib. Can we host it directly in Portals through API?

Lib is composed of a .js file, folders with images and folders with css templates.



Yes, portals has a file system, here is the API to upload files, you can see the other APIs for this FS here:

Here is an example of posting a file to it, assuming you are a Portals domain admin:


Thanks, this did the trick.

We are using js libs for our portal deployment, so we can update all widgets with only a lib change. But as we upload the same file twice, it creates an unique folder to hold this new copy.

Can we replace the files to the same folders too?



I believe the ‘PUT’ command will work for you to replace content.

curl -i -u '' -X PUT '' -H 'Content-Type: ' -d @exosite-blue.png


Great, this did the trick! Thanks