Cannot Retrieve MAC Address



I started to program my CC3200 launchpad and now I am trying to find the MAC Address of my launchpad and when I used the energia code to find it and enter it into the website it says that that is an incorrect MAC address. I went to this website for help:

and it says I can access the MAC address through the default code that was programmed to the board. Since I had already programmed the launchpad to do something that was erased. I tried to press SW3 and the RESET button to get it back and it did not work.

How do I restore my launchpad to the default setting / code?

IC ID: 451I-CC3200KITA


Here’s a link to the code that gets the MAC in our example if you’d like to include it in your code: I’m not sure if you can directly use that in energia, but there may be a similar call.

You can find instructions for building and flashing our example code here: If you just need the MAC address you can reflash TI’s out of box demo, see their getting started guide for more info on that.

Also, just to make sure you’re aware, to have your CC3200 launchpad work with the portal, you’ll need to have our demo application flashed to the board unless you’re doing custom development to access our APIs yourself.

If you are using energia we do have an arduino library that you may be able to use (my understanding is that energia is arduino for TI’s parts) if they provide a Client interface: