Can't Run Exosite command


I am trying to deploy the code to Murano platform. While i am running “exosite --init”. I am getting
the below error.

“$ exosite --init
File “C:/Python34/Scripts/exosite”, line 758
except Exception, e:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax”

Please suggest let me wrong… Thanks


Hello Ranjeet,

Your syntax looks correct to me. There is a known issue where users running Windows have trouble using Exosite CLI, and we don’t currently have a work-around for this. If possible I would use a unix based machine, something running Mac OS or Linux.

Let me know if you have any more questions,



Currently the Exosite CLI does not support Windows. This is something we will change in a later release.

@Ranjeet you could use a virtual machine too.



Hi @Ranjeet, we just released a new version of the exosite tool (v27). This version does address issues with python3 compatibility that you seem to be having on your command line.

Also as mentioned above only linux and macos environments are currently supported, but please let us know any issues you find.


Ok Thanks for your clarification Joeylink.