cc3200 launchpad custom dashboard with TI exosite


Hi All,

I am currently working with cc3200 launchpad and trying to read the temperature sensor information through TI exosite website. I am able to display the temperature among other variables by using the dashboard that shows up intermediately after the cc3200 HW is registered. However, I would like to create a custom dashboard where only the tempeature is present and some sort of button/input where I can send data to the launch pad. I can see that the TI exosite has an option to add a new dashboard that could be edited, but how can you connect that new dashboad with the actual HW?




Hi Victor,
Any device that is in your TI portal ( will be available to any dashboards you create in that specific portal. As you add widgets to your custom dashboard, you’ll find that they let you choose from devices / data that already exists.