CC3200 updates and source code availability


A few questions:

  1. Will the CC3200 demo be updated at some point in the future (was told it currently is based on version 0.5.2 of the SDK)? This is a low priority need compared to the following…

  2. Do you have any example source code (i.e. from the demo) for having the CC3200 connect to the exosite service?

  3. Can the Paho library be used to connect to exosite?

Background - I currently have the CC3200 Launchpad connecting to and sending periodic MQTT messages. My implementation is using the Paho library.




Hi Craig,

  1. There is a rewrite of that demo that uses v1.x of the SDK (It uses whatever you’ve installed.) in the ‘v2’ branch:
  2. See the ‘ExositeTask’ function for the code that actually interacts with the platform (well that interacts with the library that interacts with the platform).
  3. I’m not familiar with that library, but it appears to be an MQTT library, so it would not be compatible with any of our APIs.

The reason the updated example was never made the default has to do with some bugs that I’ve been trying to work through with TI, see this thread about that issue:

Also, that example is using our legacy library, I’m currently in the process of writing a brand new c library that supports some of the new features that we’ve been adding to our platform. There is a very early, not feature complete, alpha release here: I have not created the platform files for the CC3200 yet however. There should be a mostly stable beta of the library within the next couple of months and I will likely be testing it on the 3200.