CC3200CloudDemo source code


I downloaded the source code and building the project.
I got a bin file (3200ExositeDemo.bin), and the size of bin file is only 70K bytes.
But, the size of exosite_cc3200_cloud_demo_BETA_20140702.bin is 174KB.
It looks like two different project.
if yes, can I get source code of exosite_cc3200_cloud_demo_BETA_20140702?



Hi Tom,

The source for that binary is in the ‘v1’ branch:

If you do use that code, know that it’s not great and you’re going to need to put some work in to make it reliable. Right now I think it crashes after about 20 minutes.


Hi Patrick,
I use the source code, and got a error masssage in debug COM port. But, I used exosite_cc3200_cloud_demo_BETA_20140702.bin is successful, no any error massage in COM port.


@Tom, appologies for missing your question.

This might be because the device is unable to activate, see: (You need to do the ‘re-enable’ step it talks about.)

If that doesn’t fix it, you can try the version of that example that the binary you mention is based on: