CoAp still supported?


I am attempting to prototype the CoAp example here
using Nordic’s nrf52 dev kit. I am running into a problem when communicating with exosite or at least the CoAp example’s on github where the CIK numbers generated are no longer in hex. Im not sure if this is my main problem in communicating with exosite, or if coAp is still possible on exosite?


Hi @amjabb,

CoAP is in early access for Exosite Murano and is still supported on our legacy product – the One Platform. Since Murano’s authentication token data model recently changed away from hex only characters my guess is that your devices are connected to Murano – Is that correct?

CoAP should still be possible, on Murano, as long as you are not using an ADC enabled Business and your Device API endpoint is {product_id}

I’ll have to download that SDK myself and take a look, but typically there is a hex validation function that can be removed. This function takes the server’s response in an activation request and inspects the authentication token.

Let me take a look,


Correction about the host, because I clearly did not remember that when using coap the host is always

However, as long as your are using a Murano 1.0 Business, things should still work. This is because the device API, regardless of the protocol in use, for Murano 1.0 and Murano were hosted on the same machine and decided which platform the device is one based on its knowledge of where the authentication token was generated.

Just downloaded the SDK.




Am I mistaken? I am looking at the code for examples/iot/cloud/coap/data_source/main.c and that the CIK is pasted into a variable at the top of the file.

Are you activating these devices by-hand/manually, pasting the CIK, and still having trouble?



I am activating the devices manually, my problem isn’t necessarily the nordic device just yet. I am first attempting to communicate with the endpoint with my info pasted in through copper or even through the coap examples on the exosite github. The examples on github allow for a pasted in CIK an error arises when the CIK is converted binary from hex. Since the CIK is not in hex to start with this causes an error, I figured this is the same reason why copper is not responding.


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I even put the CIK through a hex encoder and pasted the hex into both copper and the github examples… Neither worked.


@Martin Or is there any way I can still access the One platform?



Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thanks for tagging me back in this post’s thread.

Ah! I think that the problem with the Github examples is because of their use of the binascii.b2a_hex() function. They don’t necessarily check ahead of time that a CIK is hex, but they do expect it to be hex in order to be properly encoded in binary.

Which version of Murano are you currently trying to connect to via CoAP?

For now it is still possible to signup for an account on Exosite’s One Platform. Exosite’s legacy product called the Portals and One Platform stack is in a period of long term maintenance. We are currently not developing new features for that software.

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