Communication between TI exosite and CCS



I was able to successfully run the qs_iot example on my TM4C1294XL using ethernet cable and was able to display the readings on the default dashboard. In the example however, I was trying to figure out how the variable for the junction temp was communicated to the cloud (i.e how the global variable in the tStat structure in qs_iot links with the cloud variable “jtemp”). I can only see sync function SyncWithExosite(g_psDeviceStatistics) as the only way the program syncs the structure with the cloud.
The reason I ask this is because I wish to send the temperature data from senshub BP to my exosite cloud. My eventual goal is to use cc3100 BP to send the data from the sensors, but I was trying to figure out how to communicate with the cloud using ethernet first.


A better question would be how do I communicate between the device data source and portal data source. I am sorry if I am not able to voice my question correctly