Connect Tiva Connected Launchpad to Exosite using TI SimpleLink Wifi CC3100


I am sharing my project. See, link below.


How do I show youtube video at this forum? I copied and pasted here youtube embed string here, but nothing is showing.

Tiva Connected Launchpad Led On/Off, from Exosite Dashboard

Send switch press count to Exosite Cloud, using Tiva Connected Launchpad and CC3100

Best Regards,
Markel Robregado


Hi Markel,

I think if you just paste the link to your video here it should work fine. It looks like Discourse is trying to take the hassle out of embedding videos and other media:

Looking forward to seeing your video!


@Martin. I updated the post and the youtube videos can now be seen. This project has received criticism at TI E2E TM4C(Tiva) forum, because of TI and Exosite past issue with qs_iot example program. But, I do not think the same will happen with this project since this uses SimpleLink and not same implementation as qs_iot.

Best Regards,
Markel Robregado


I am also glad that Exosite allows users to try out Exosite with Free Exosite Portal Account. Also, Exosite Documentation is good and easy to understand.

Other SaaS like ThingWorx, I need to join a PTC Academic Program to be able to do a similar project. To join a PTC Academic Program, I would need to represent a University. The problem is I already graduated.

Markel Robregado


@mtrobregado It makes us pretty happy to hear what you have to say. We are glad that developers/inventors like yourself make use of our platform.

Looking forward to seeing more projects and posts from you here!