Connecting phone application to your remote devices


Hello, I would like to ask what is the best practice to connect a phone application (Android - IOS) to my remote devices. Right now i managed to connect a gsm module to the exosite cloud and it can manipulate the data for a specific device, i want for example when the gsm module change the values of data a notification is sent to the phone and vice versa, when a phone application changes the value of data the cloud sends the notification to the gsm module.

shall i write a script to do this, how would be this script looks like( i just start learning lua programming)??


You wouldn’t need a Lua script for connecting a phone app, you would want the app to make requests to the platform. We actually have an example Android app here: as well as a Cocoa library for iOS and OSX:


Also besides the mobile library/examples @Patrick pointed out, you can take a look at our Portals API which allows you to access device data using your Exosite user email/password credentials.