Dashboard line graph widget messed up after update?


Hi there,

Since last update all Line graph widget on all my dashboards are messed up.
When i reload the page it loads an it lokks right for about a second,after that i looks like the attached screenshot

This happened on all dashboards all the other widgets are doing fine.

I checked with chrome and firefox on different computers with different screen sizes but everywhere it looks wrong.

This happened since the last update. which was today (5:45 UTC)

Am i the only one who has this problem?



Hi Eric,
We are working to resolve this issue, I apologize for this.



@EricHelmond, you were not the only one experiencing this. The problem should now be resolved, we deployed a hotfix to Portals late last night. Please let us know if you continue to see any problems.


Yeah i got the status update email but some things still don’t work as before.

The legends of the graphs are gone (the description of what variable is displayed in a color).(see screenshot)

And sometimes there appears a check box auto refresh above the widget( see attached screenshot)
and the scrolling to previous data doesn’t work properly when it’s checked on. the graph goes immediately to the last data point


The widget looks almost normal now

One of the things that is not as before is the auto refresh checkbox that sometimes appears above a line graph. the space where the check box should (or not) appear is always reserved.

See attached screenshot for how it looks for me right now

What is also different as before ( not sure if this is a bug or a feature; i cant find release notes of the last update) is that the device the data source is used from is displayed in the legend of the graph.
I’m not sure if i like it or not. On one side it useful information, but the text that had to be displayed is much longer and sometimes it doesn’t fit anymore.



We have decided to revert the changes back to the original code base for this line graph widget. We are now working on a few new line graph widgets that are different and could be used instead. Look for these later this year.




Thanks for the update.
Do you have any idea when this year that will happen?
After some trying I liked the auto refresh option.

Looking forward to next update.