DK-TM4C129X instead of EK-TM4C129EL, will it work on Exosite?


I have the DK-TM4C129X.

Can I use the EK-TM4C129XL setup that is on Exosite and run the IoT app for the EK-TM4C129XL on the DK-TM4C129X?


It’s not going to work out of the box for you, as far as I know TI doesn’t have any Exosite examples for that board like they do for the EK-TM4C129XL. It sounds like it’s the same part so the vast majority of the code would work I would imagine, but you’ll definitely run into problems with the peripherals being different. I know that specific example expects buttons and LEDs (at a minimum, maybe more things) to be on the pins that the EK board has them on. But it’s definitely possible.

From Exosite’s perspective, we don’t care what kind of device you’re using. It’s all the same to us. If you can open a socket, you can use Exosite’s platform. Using TI’s code with a different board than what it was meant for will cause you much more problem than anything else.

The one problem that you might run into from our end is having our system see your MAC address seen as valid for that client model (specific device type). I’m not sure if the list that TI gave us was for all TM4C1294 chips. If you run into this specific issue, let me know I can add your MAC address as a one off.