Does anybody know if a Custom widget "button" exists


I’m working on a home automation unit with arduino (incl. 433Mhz switches, Temperature, Humidity, air pressure, light meter and remote airco infra red) For switching individual lights on and off It was easy to use the switch widget and that is working great. However if I want to switch groups of lights on top of this or if I want to switch lights for a period of time on the switch widget is not a clear symbol. A pushbutton (red if on and green if off) would be nice. Once pushed it would make a data “1” and the arduino would confirm by putting it back to green.


HI @Johannes,

Sorry for being slow getting back to you. A ‘button’ widget like you have described, as far as I know, does not exist. You will likely have to create your own(if you have not already). Reading our documentation on custom widgets should give you a fair start on how to pass resource into a widget and start reading and writing to them as needed.

Below is a custom widget that uses a slider to read and write to a single dataport, and hopefully should jump-start or at least serve as an example on how to do this in a custom widget:

Let us know if you have questions,


hi Martin thanks for your answer you are probably more confiance in my abillity to write my own widgets then i have. But don’t worry i will get on speed one of these days. But i have a long ways to come, my experiance started with IBM 360 assembler and ended with Oracle db and forms Funny that i had my last company SQL Systems inc in Minneapolis (edina) sold in 1996. I might ask you to review my work when i’m done cheers keep up the good work. Hans