ESP8266 - Acender e Apagar um LED


Eu estou perdido. Apesar de ser uma tarefa simples, pelo menos em outras plataformas que experimentei, nessa não consigo executar uma coisa básica como acender e apagar um LED.

Se alguém puder me ajudar da forma mais básica possível, fico muito agradecido. Se não conseguir terei de optar por uma solução mais prática e menos complexa.

Desde já agradeço.


Hello @rwteixeira, is there a particular step in the quickstart guide that is giving you trouble? I understand that you are trying to control LED lights but I don’t know which step you are at right now.


-Joey Link


Hi Joey.

I’m not a expert in programing, but, some times I can see some patterns in the code and use it. In case of exosite, there is a plenty of code that confuse readings. So, if were possible, i’d like a simple code for ESP8266 that make a LED turn on and off via murano’s platform. That is all. The code and it pattern I think I can analise and study better this platform. If you can help this way, i’ll be very thankful.


Hi @rwteixeira,

We already have some example code for doing just this. It can be found in our ESP8266 quickstart guide for Murano:

This guide goes through all the steps necessary for getting your device talking with Murano, and allows you to control some LED lights. Let me know if you have any more questions!




I tried out this example.
I connected to the ESP via wi-fi, i could mesure the temperature, humidity, see the state and the uptime. Everithing goes well, but when i tried to turn on and off the led via exosite (dashboard and app), it do not worked the way I’ve waiting. The leds blink sometimes, but don’t turn on and off when i switch the resource on the dashboard.

The connection goes down (in the app) often.

I think that you don’t understand what I need.

Actually, i’m developing a new product in my company targeted to the automation public, and I need an system that can give me a easy way to deploy. I have a thousands of potencial clients to this product, but, i really have had problem to understand and deploy this platform. There is a lot of content, terms and docs, but there is few specific example like: blink, turn led on and off. This is pure concept. Maybe this is not so important for you, but to us (newbies), this is basic knowledge.

Anyway, thank you very much for everything.



Também estou tentando aprender como usar este site.
Cheguei aqui através deste série de videos:

É uma pena que o exosite mudou as interfaces e ainda não
atualizaram a documentação.
Eu gostaria de um step by step tutorial onde pudesse postar logs de temperatura
e pudesse acender e apagar um led pela internet. Apartir dai eu poderia criar o que desejo.
Se você conseguiu algum sucesso na sua aplicação poderia me ajudar?
Poderá me contatar pelo whats +55 48 96750949 e por email
Tenho também conta no Instagram: eletr.alex


HI @AlexHenrique -

Those videos look to be about our other platform called Portals. Ricardo earlier had been interacting with our new platform Murano. Both are different stacks of software, designed to be hardware agnostic.The ESP 8266 is capable of connecting to both.

I am not sure on what the rest of your message means. Could you edit your post or report in English?



Thanks Martin!
So now I can follow the tutorial in the videos!