EventLog widget for all Event Sources


Hello guys,

We are starting a project where we need to display the eventlog for all event sources, with additional information (status, source) and with dynamic selection of time range.

The current EventLog only lets you select 1 source and has limited information and utility.

We´d like to use an Events API for development of a new widget that could support these functionalities. Could you help us find it?

Also, we believe that an option for full event logging would suit a lot of exosite developers. Just a suggestion.



Hello Diego,
Thank you for your posting, and for your feedback.

The Event Table that you want to build within Exosite Portals is possible but very difficult to create, as both the Widget API and the Portals API do not expose datarules(A.K.A. Events, or scripts in Portals). However, datarules are accessible from the JSON-RPC and are the only path to pulling their information into any container. Exosite does not support RPC usage from a browser, and an external server would have to be created to facilitate these calls. In order to display this data within a custom widget, a web request would have to be made from the widget to the web server. Exosite does not recommend this behavior as it does not provide the best performance within the Portals web-application.

At Exosite we are measuring the value of exposing datarules in either the Portals API or the Custom Widget API. We are interested in hearing about your potential use-case, and how valuable of a feature this could be to you.



Hello Martin,

We come from a SCADA environment, and alarm lists are used by operators as an online monitoring system.

Most of times, operation does not need to see the data, but mostly whats going on on the operating system. This may be for IoT too.

IE: If you connect for example a large sum of houses to a surveillance system, you don´t need to know when things are OK. You need to be checking events for all clients, with levels of importance, better threshold ruling, etc.

This mindset is well suited for services, so yes, we see interest for a whole group of applications.

Let me know how you feel about this.



This is great feedback for our Portals product team - I’ve made sure to send a note for them to review. They may contact you with further questions. Just wanted to make sure to let you know your feedback is noted with us.


Hi guys,

This is what I´ve been talking about… Seems a lot more useful than current event log!




Thanks for the graphical feedback. I like the look of that table, and what data it is holding. We have some big features coming out from the business side that we are working on. Portals access to Datarules is something that is on the roadmap but is secondary to upcoming features. I will let you know as we release updates.


Scripts in event list widget