Exosense templates

I edited a exosense dashboard template and saved it to a new version. I thought all my existing device dashboards would update as well but not so. Only the dashboard that I edited updated.
How can I get all my other dashboards (which use the same template) to update when I edit just one Template ?


So we do have some improvements on the way for template functionality that will enable you to apply template changes to existing assets! However, for right now, you would recreate the asset from the template (which will lose all of your data history) or you could make those changes manually.

Ok thank you.
This could be cumbersome if you want to update many assets but like you say a fix is on the way.

Hi @socie, thanks for your question and posting here. I wanted to provide a bit more detail on the template functionality. Currently in ExoSense, the application allows users to create new assets from a template, which is a ‘copy’ function. It’s truly a template, a starting point. A bit more info can be found here: https://docs.exosite.io/exosense/user-guide/asset-templates

We are actively working to add functionality to the templating capabilities including:

  • Allow templates (and specific versions) to update existing Assets and workflow for managing conflicts
  • Providing general ‘bulk edit’ capabilities
  • Ability to export / import templates as a file
  • Updated workflows UIs
  • Providing public API to automate / script updates to existing Assets (Contact your account manager for more info on availability)

You can be looking for these updates and new capabilities over the next several months.


Ok that sounds good …