Exosite - .NET ---> How to Get data



Sorry for my bad english.

I want to get the datas from the Cloud to my .Net (C#) project. How can i do this?
If somebody give me an ex. project I will be thankful.



Hi @kbotond02,

I am not sure if we have the type of example project for you are looking for, but we do have a C# library that I hope you will find useful. The library includes a few test applications that performs writes, reads, and more complicated functions with the platform.

You certainly will find a ‘read’ wrapper to pull information from the platform to your .Net application.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reply or post again!


Thank You!

I tried this example, but gives me this error message:

An unhandled exception of type ‘clronep.OnePlatformException’ occurred in clronep.dll


If you are using this example - I believe you need to enter in a CIK in a dialog box when it starts - can we assume you did this with a valid CIK?