GBOARD PRO 800 Support


Do you have an example of the use of FONA adafruit library?
I specifically have GBOARD PRO 800, but the library is the same, the module is sim800…
GPRS section works well, using the commands GET and HTTP post.

I saw this post, it’s great, I will use with my Spark and later with Photon and Electron.
But if you have a similar example for Adafruit FONA library would be great.
Link for library is as follows:


It actually looks like it’s not possible to use that library to talk to Exosite. As far as I can tell it doesn’t implement enough of the HTTP standard, the problem is that it doesn’t allow you to set any headers which is required for sending your CIK and the content type related headers.

If that board also has a library that implements the standard TCP Client interface you can make it work with Exosite’s official Arduino library, you’d just need to take care of whatever setup the module needs to connect to the network and open up a TCP socket.


Thanks Patrick,
Direct is not support TCP client interface.
I will see some other way.