Getting 400 Bad Request Using Arduino Library


…Hi Patrick,
I’m new to Exosite and try to get the first things working. With the same arduino prog. and Exosite setup I don’t seem to have it right. I have put the debug option at 1 and get this as a result.
I hope you can bring some light to my wrong doing.(smile)

Sending data to Exosite…
temp=22.00 hum=38.00
Connecting to Exosite…Connected
Warning Unknown Response:
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

End Char ReadWrite
Error Communicating with Exosite
Exosite Error
done sending.

Can't connect Arduino with Exosite

Hi @Johannes,

Is temp=22.00 hum=38.00 the format of the “writeString” parameter you’re passing to writeRead()? If so, you’ll need an ‘&’ instead of the space that’s in there now. The format of “writeString” is just the body of the actual ‘write’ API method:

You should also make sure that the dataports that you’re writing to exist and have the aliases you’re using (‘temp’ and ‘hum’).

If it’s neither of those let me know and we can dig a bit deeper.

Also I’ve moved your question to it’s own topic. When posting new, unrelated, requests for help here it’s better to create your own topics instead of adding it to another post.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your fast reply. So far I have been only passing “temp=22.00” both by taking the value of a DT11 sensor but when this didn’t worked I even tried a manual string “temp=22.00” in the writeString. On the other side after getting stuck with trying an Arduino Device I have created a Device called “Generic Arduino” with only 1 data with the name “temp” and the alias “Temp” in format “float” And that was the whole problem alias not the same as name with “T” and not “t”

Thanks for your help. I just found it whilst writing you



Hi Patrick,

I see that you guys are from Minneapolis. That gives me sweet memories. I had my company SQL Systems Inc. (asset and maintenance management) in Edina and lived in Minneapolis for a couple of years. I still have good memories on the many theatres and all the play’s I saw. My daily nights at the “Dakota Jazz bar” (at that time still in Saint Paul) and the bike and rollerblade tours at lake Calhoun. and skiing at Afton Alps.

I hope to come again and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Johannes from an other part of the world “South of France”