Graphing data with Lua script for emailing


I’m trying to script some email notifications and want to create a graph of some data but not sure if/how it can be done within Exosite’s Lua scripting capabilities.
Has anyone done anything similar or know how to import other Lua libraries.

Cheers Alex


Hi @alex_ynema,

Sorry for getting back to you so late, thanks for posting.

What kind of data do you want to graph? Can you share what this graph would look like and where it would be?

In Exosite’s Portals powered applications, visualization of data and alerting the real-world to changes in system are usually handled by different entities. Scripts and dispatch resources are the primary method of sending emails or other notification types, using a widget (custom, or stock) on a dashboard is usually the best way to visualize your machine data.

Right now our scripting engine doesn’t support writing or importing libraries. That is a good idea, and we have been thinking about supporting this for a long time.