GWE on Raspberrry Pi does not register


Hi folks -

I’m playing with an IoT project and I’m really struggling getting my GWE running on an RPi to register. I was unable to get muranoCLI to install so I set up the resources and the device manually via the WebUI.

Can anyone throw me a bone?


Hi @rryjew,

For sure we can throw you a bone. Can you tell me more detail about the problems you are having? What logs messages are being generated by gwe? Log files should be stored in your RPi around /var/log.

Regarding MuranoCLI, what platform were you trying to install it on? What complaints are you getting during your install?

Happy to help,


Hi Martin -

Thanks much for the response… I actually got it working and I think part of my issues was I grabbed a beta version of the GWE instead of “latest”.

I was trying to install MuranoCLI on Mac OSX High Sierra. A couple of google searches led me that I needed to install “Xcode” on my Mac in order to have some required libs/header files available. I did run into a couple of issues once I got MuranoCLI installed… namely getting “syncup” to work. I had to use a workaround and created a symlink ~/code/specs ~/code/gateway-engine/specs. Following the directions as written did not work and I got errors executing syncup when I modified location.base.

I’m no developer and I’m slogging through this as part of a PoC… are you aware of any sample GWE app that I could use with the GWE running on a RPi?


These examples are at various levels of simple: