How can the administrator delete a user?


I only see the action to either “activate” or “deactivate”. I have some users where I can’t seem to update to the latest changes and additions from adding and changing the portals and dashboards.

White Label account doesn't link new users to created portals

Currently there is a method through the Portals API. Deleting a user has not yet been built in graphically into the Portals product. The process will fail if that the target user is the owner of a portal, the recipient of a discount, or currently has a subscription with Exosite.

At current time deactivating a user blocks access to your subdomain.

From your other postings I think there is some confusion as to what each user is capable of seeing. If the domain admin ‘user’ created five portals with five different owners(each a different user), each of these users would not be able to see the other portals within the subdomain, unless invited as a manager, or viewer. They would however always be able to see changes to the portal they own.