How do i send Bunch of data values to single dataport in exosite using CC3200 launch pad


Hi all! I have been working on a project, where the sensor has to send its values continous for every 10ms. I found that exosite update takes 1 sec duration, so 10ms update is not possible. Then i thought that to send an array of recorded data to exosite from CC3200 launch pad. I found a function (exosite_rawRpcRequest()) in CC3200 exosite demo application where we can send bunch of data.

Can any body tell me the usage of this function and how do i receive the data in exosite using record API function or something like that.
give me an example



You can use that function, but you will need to do the JSON data formatting yourself. That library does not provide any help with that part. You can see the format for the record procedure here:

However, using record won’t actually help you here. The one second limit is on the actual data that is saved into the platform, not just how often you send it. My suggestion to you would be to do some small amount of processing on your data before writing it to the platform, something like an average or a sum (depending on what the data actually is).

If that isn’t possible you could aggregate the data into a single string type value, but with that method the off the shelf widgets won’t work with your data.


Can you provide any custom widget coding as an example which will suits to receive and plot the string data.



I don’t know that we have any available examples of parsing a string and plotting contained data with a sub-second resolution. However we do have a couple examples of using an eternal library to plot your data.

You could include a function that parses your information out in Timestamp:Value pairs. I am pretty certain that the following example could be modified to serve your needs:


Thank You Patrick! I am trying to use the last approach that you said - string approach. How do i decode the string at the widget