How to connect a TM4C123GXL TIVA C Luanchpad to exosite?


I have a TIVA C Launchpad TM4C123GXL and SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack, which makes it internet compatible.

Can I connect this to exosite ? If yes, How ?

I tried adding this to as an unlisted device, where it asks for Vendor, Client Model, serial number, and device name. I tried putting values as I guessed em, like for Vendor : TI, and TM4C123GXL for other fields and it didnt progress, so what are those fields, and what should I fill in em ?


The unlisted option is only for supported (but not published) devices. That is to say that we would have had to create a client model specifically for each device type available to that method.

We don’t have anything published specifically for the CC3100, but as far as I’m aware TI provides the same SimpleLink libraries for both the 3100 and the 3200, so our code for the CC3200 may be a good starting place for you, but it will require some development work and won’t just work out of the box.

See for our provided code for the CC3200 launchpad.

To use that with your device you’ll want to add it as a generic device, that means that you won’t be using the provisioning code, but will instead hard code the CIK that will give you when you add the generic device.