How to list cik with serial number?



Could I get CIK In Murano Platform?

I reference this post Device.list API is not working get serial number list success.

But I need to know how to get serial number to find CIK. Or have direct way query CIK list.

Is I need create routes method on solution by write lua script?


Hi @johnathan,

Are you asking how to get the CIK of a device, using its serial number, once that device is already activated inside of Murano?

Device.list() will return a mapping between a device’s SN and its RID not its CIK.


Hi Martin,

Thanks your reply.

I want to use SN to get CIK in already activated device.

How can I do it on Murano?

It’s has the current API or demo can help me?


Right now in Murano there is not a way to get the CIK of an already activated device. However you can still interact with your device using your device_token and Exoline. You can find your device token on the TOKENS tab while looking at a device in the Murano web UI. Here in this screenshot you can see one of my device’s tokens.

Exoline is a pretty useful tool for interacting with your devices once they are already created. Try this command once you have Exoline installed:

exo twee token:{your_device_token}

Also I am curious, what are you trying to do by getting the device’s CIK after you have activated it?


Hi Martin,

I try to build a IoT gateway with BLE and WiFi.

When device regitsted and activated from mobile phone.

If in same place have a multiple user (like a family). I just think how to share device info to other mobile phone easily.

Also want if have second gateway can use share info to easy add in network.


Ah! Jonathan this is a problem that you will want to solve inside of your Solution rather than in your device code. The device’s secret should really only be used to authenticate your device’s requests as it writes and reads from the platform.

You can associated multiple users with a single device in an Exosite Solution. Have you deployed a Solution in Murano yet?


Yes, Martin. I create a Murano solution.

You are mean a device can be multiple users associated device to they own. So one device can own by different user. Am I right?

I need let user register a device and activated it from they’re account. And user just associated device.

Suppose it can be solve my problem.

But how to new a device from a http request in Murano? I try with activated it work fine.


That is right, you can associate devices with specific users.

But how to new a device from a http request in Murano?

I am not clear on what you are asking. Could you elaborate?



Hi Martin,

I want add a device from mobile phone.

I see Portal has POST /api/portals/v1/portals/{portal-id}/devices methods to do that.

Is has same method in Murano?



Ah, great – that is much clearer.

It is possible to create a devices in Murano through the Device service. Take a look at:


Hi Martin,

I create a routes methods /add_device just paste the create device example then replace the pid.

But not success. Got the error message:

“error”: “{“statusCode”:500,“error”:“Internal Server Error”,“message”:“An internal server error occurred”}”,
“status”: 500,
“type”: “ServerError”

How can I fix it to make it right?


Can you confirm the code that you have in your custom route? That code example should work.

Are you also sure that you associated your Product ID with your Solution?


Hi Martin,

Haha, I check again and it work!!

Really appreciate your help.


Awesome, I am glad to hear this.