HTTP API Calls Returning 401 - Source IP Restrictions?


I have moved some working Python code to a new machine, and I am receiving an HTTP 401 from my OneP api calls.
Do I need to authorize my new machine (IP address) to access our OneP api endpoint somehow?


Hey @asllc.james

Probably not, because OneP has no concept of “who” is connecting. Can you validate the CIK that your python app uses for authentication?

Do you have Exoline installed? I don’t meant to keep harping on it, but it is a tool that I use daily.

$ exo twee $CIK

That command would be a quick test of the CIK. If you get a small tree of your client and its resources, your app may be using the wrong auth. If you get a 401 you will know that the CIK you had been using has become invalid.

Happy to help,


Need a few hours before I can use this method to verify - I will try it tho.