I want to Install gmq on non-Debian operating system. How To?



i have some stange BusyBox-based (arm) linux Gateway and want to install gmq.

I have no dpkg Packet Manager. I can not install yours supplied deb packages: Wrong Architekture

dpkg -i python-twisted-core_14.0.2-3_all.deb - command not found.

Have you any solution for me?

Bye, Alexander,
ESS, Germany.


Hi Alexander,

Thanks for posting! Do you have the ability to build an image for your gateway?

What is the architecture of your device?

Happy to help,


Thank you for Help.

  1. I have a lot of Test Servers with Centos 7 ( Red Hat). I need a solution for this OS.
  2. Gateway ARM V7. 32bit. I have a minimal Image based on Busy Box. I can’t change the image. But i can cross compile the Code, put it in on device. I have already compiled Python and installed pip.

I can not install some package via Pip: Gateway has no compiler on device. pip can install only Packages without C code.
Packages with C code- f.e. openssl, sqlite muss be compiled separatly.

can you follow me?


I think I follow you.

Since you do not have a compiler on your gateway, you will need to cross-compile twisted, openssl, and sqlite and put them on your gateway.