Importing cloud data from TTN to Exosite


Hello everyone,
I am trying to figure out how to use data that I send to The Things Network and is visible on their Django REST API and send it to Exosite to create a real-time visualization of my data.
To clarify, I am using a Multitech mLinux Conduit to serve as my gateway, and a Multitech mDot to serve as my node. I can see the data that my mDot sends in both the TTN REST API and the TTN Applications site.
My goal is to use this data from the TTN cloud and send it to Exosite so I can create a real-time visualization of my endpoint’s data. I am not too experienced in this area (intern learning Linux for the 1st time :sweat_smile:) so any insight would help me tremendously. I’ve seen information about GET,POST,PULL,PUSH commands but I am still confused not sure how to utilize them. Any links or sources would help. Thanks :relaxed:

I did find this on the TTN applications site that is supposed to help me use the data the my node sent but I am not entirely sure how to use it or implement the code? Any advice or ideas?

or theres a mqtt option:

port: 1883
username: 70B3D557ED000004CD
password: ***************************

Once again, any insight or links to reference are greatly appreciated. Have an excellent day!


Hi @mtspollo

Thanks for posting! At first glance it would sound like it would be easier to talk to Exosite directly, but then it is likely that you are using LoraWAN on your gateway, until you finally connect to the internet. Which makes sense to use an intermediary to translate/forward!

###Questions to find answers for:

  • What kind of options do you have to export information out of the TTN database?
  • Can you send messages from the TTN cloud?
  • What does a POST command in the TTN cloud look like?
  • What are the radio capabilities of the Multitech mLinux Conduit?




Thank you for the reply. Yes, I am using a LoRa mCard inside of my Conduit. I am currently using an ethernet connection to simply SSH into the Conduit to access the terminal but I have also established a cellular connection to connect me to the internet.
I am able to successfully send node data to TTN and I can see my data show up on the cloud. I suppose my final step would be to use that data on the cloud and create a visualization. I would just like to send that data to Exosite, but I am still trying to figure out how.

Once again, thank you for the insight. I will pursue this further and seek the answers to those questions. Thanks for the guidance Martin.



Hi @mtspollo -

Where you able to find out any more about your data export options from TTN? I was curious if this type of forwarding or integration was possible with Portals.



Hello @Martin

Yes, I was originally trying to use MQTT to sub to the TTN broker and then publish data to Portals but I found out that MQTT is not supported in Portals. I then looked into using HTTP request and this allowed me to successfully send my node data from TNN to both Exosite Portals and Murano.
Thanks for your help.



I am glad to hear that you got your data imported into Exosite! Happy visualizing/graphing.

I am not sure that MQTT will be supported inside of Portals, but we might at some point in the future.

I do know for sure that MQTT support will be coming to Murano as a service soon. My understanding is that it has a month of two of development before it will be ready for use. You can expect a publication about this feature sometime soon.

Thanks for posting,


That is great news to hear about Murano! Excited to hear about it soon, please let me know when MQTT support is rolled out.