Issues with the GFC and Google Apis



We´ve been struggling with Portals loading Google APIs on China. Some of the resources are being blocked. This got to the point that the widgets do not load.

Does Exosite portals makes use of Google APIs extensively? Can it be disabled?

This only happens in China - due to it´s Firewall it seems.



Which widgets are not loading? Do you have any debug information from the console or anything else you can share?

Some of the custom widget example use Google APIs, if you are using any of these.

If you have applications where certain features are blocked - the only work around is to create your own domain widgets that meet the functionality you need and are not blocked.


Hi Mike,

No widget gets loaded - the ga.js and ga-analytics.js are being blocked.

We’ve removed chart and maps widget that used the google apis, but exosite portals itself uses the api.