JS Example Logical Error


When editing code for a Dashboard, there is some example JS code:

// Example: Convert temp from C to F and truncate to 2 decimal places.
// return (datasources[“MyDatasource”].sensor.tempInF * 1.8 + 32).toFixed(2);

Shouldn’t that be “.sensor.tempInC” if you’re converting from C to F? :stuck_out_tongue:


That does look like a typo! Could you share the link to the page where you found this? I’ll get it fixed.



Also should be resources[“MyDataSource”], not datasources.

Not in any page I can decipher. In a new Dashboard, I add a widget, tell it to be an “Indicator Light”, then on the “value” entry click on the “.JS EDITOR”, and it is there as an example.


We did change this in an update to Murano. I’ll make sure we get this updated along with the example text in the .JS Editor.