Lua script Dispatch.Http always status "false" and reason "limit"


Hi there,

I´m trying to write a script to get some weather data in our application, bu both api´s I´ve tried so far gave me the same response:

HTTP endpoint: - line 69: status: false - line 85: Failed to access API. Response: limit

This endpoint works properly in other codes and in browser, how can I debug this? I´m using the Example - “HTTP GET with Basic Authorization” as base for this. No Header and no authentication is required.

Thanks in advance


That sounds like you’ve used all of your HTTP dispatches. If you go to and look for the line "Daily HTTP Dispatches, is the number under “Used” the same as the number under “Total”?

If it is, you have two options, wait a day for your usage count to reset or purchase more HTTP dispatches for your portal.


Thanks Parick,

Today we got it running!