Moving an Asset between Portals


I have a project which is using Exosite for data ingestion.

We have moved the physical assets from one customer location to another.

I have created a new Portal for the new customer.

Is there something I can do to remove the assets from one portal to another?

We do not do this often, and it is more or less a one-off situation that I would like to create a simple solution using command-line (CL) or script.


Hi James,

It is possible to move a client and all of its resources, with their data, to a new parent in the Exosite One Platform. You can do this with the move procedure.

The hardest part of using this procedure is procuring the CIK of a client that is the common ancestor of both the resource you are trying to move and the destination resource.

Are both of the portals you are interacting with owner by the same user?

Happy to help,


Both portals are owned by the same user.

Working on this now, btw.


Hi James/Martin,

I kind of have the same requirement, but I’ve to move the client model to a different user account. Is this still possible?



My client ended up renaming the Exosite Portal to the new customer name, and deleting the new portal I had created and wanted to move assets to.

Thus our requirement for this has de-materialized.

Thanks for all your help, and I don’t expect I will implement this any time soon.