Nomenclature for product ID in Exosite Murano ADC



I’m trying to validate a product ID entered by an user for automating some tasks. This is going to be a valid product ID already associated with my business.
What is the nomenclature for a product ID?
What are the total number of characters (is it fixed number of chars)?
Can it be alphanumeric?
Can it start with a number?
Is it case sensitive?

From what I’ve seen in the past with ADC products, their IDs are 17 characters long, alphanumeric, lower case only, must begin with a letter. Not sure if this is true for all product IDs.

Can you kindly help me with the above questions?

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Hi Vijay,

Sanitizing user input is very important, so I understand your desire to validate this input.

However, based on what I’ve gathered, the only validation advice I can give you is that the Product ID is a UTF-8 string that is both a valid (safe) domain label as well as a safe Lua variable name.



  1. This number can change. I don’t recommend building validation logic that checks the length.
  2. Yes (UTF-8).
  3. Yes.
  4. Yes.


Not necessarily 17 characters long, UTF-8, case-sensitive, can begin with either a number or a letter.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions!




Hi @willcharlton

Thanks for your answer. My script validates two barcode scans. First will be the UUID which is also alphanumeric (we use a 8 character limit). Next will be the Product ID.

Now since you say that the length of product ID is variable, how can I distinguish between both these IDs? Any ideas?

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