OneP Client Models Transferrable?



We developed an application in-house for a project. I’ve built a client model in my account. Is this transferrable with all the data that has been recorded till date to another customer’s portals account (or) a new portals account?



Hi @Vijay,

Things are transferable, but the process and difficulty to do so depends on what type of object needs moving. Typically Client models don’t have device data, so I am a little confused.

Are you looking for a way to move a device template of a device itself(with data intact).

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Hi Martin,

Sorry for the miscommunication. Yes. That I wanted to check if the whole template could be transferred to a different portals account, with the data.

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You have two options here:

Duplicating the old client.

An easy way to to this without messing around with permissions is to simply recreate the template target device and the initialization data you are storing in its dataports.

The spec command of Exoline’s would be super useful to use here: Spec will automate making the client’s resources, so you will have to record/write the data back later.

Moving the client

If you do have access to the subdomain’s root CIK you can you the RPC API to move just about anything anywhere in your One Platform client hierarchy(AKA your domain).



Thank you Martin

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