OneP data upload lag



I have issues with sending data to OneP. I saw that there were some latency issues on 05/23. The “” page says it is fixed, but I still have large latencies. Is there a way to check latencies for my portal account?

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Hey @Vijay -

Thank you for posting. We are not aware of any lingering latency issues, so your post is surprising. Could you help me understand the character of the problems that you are having?

  • What API endpoints are you calling?
  • How long does it take for you to get a response from the server?
  • What kind of errors and exceptions are raised within your client code?

This is something that I can help you look into.

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Hi @Martin

Thanks for the reply. There were problems in my company’s firewall.

On 05/23, there were latency issues with Exosite. It was reported to have been solved immediately, but coincidentally we also had an internal glitch in our firewalls. I checked with my IT team and they confirmed this fact.

We still have that glitch and I was told it’ll be solved soon. Thanks!

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