OneP VBA Examples



I’m going old school as the project involves communicating between VBA script and OneP.

I’ve a gateway device uploading data to OneP. I just want to read and write data using my VBA script. Is there any example code to get started?

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Hi Vijay,

Whew, that is pretty old school – Sorry, I don’t know of any example VBA script code that connects to Exosite.

You will likely find that you will have to wrap our HTTP APIs yourself. The RPC API has a basic structure and a lot of the libraries we have developed go about defining the basic elements of an RPC call before handling the nuances of each procedure in a new function.



What is the context and/or client that is hosting your VBA?
I am curious, is it Excel?
I ask as that might be useful for me - to be able to haver an excel sheet that makes HTTP API calls to Exosite to show some data/status.


The host is a SCADA software running on Windows laptop. But a VBA script that runs on Excel should run on the SCADA environment as well. Do you happen to have any such script?




Yes, sadly I’m stuck with this old school task. I’ve not done much research on this yet. But I might soon need Exosite’s help!



Hi Vijay,
I do not have an existing VBA script that communicates from Excel via VBA to Exosite.
I was thinking of setting this up to give one my client’s team the ability to observe data in Exosite - however, the requirement has not materialized.

If I do end up creating something, I will notify you.

If you end up getting to the point of specific questions, I might be able to pitch in.



Hi James,

I wrote a python script which logs data from OneP to a local SQL server and used VBA to load values from the server.