Over-The-Air Updates


I am trying to get firmware on my gateway updated over the air with murano.
I do not use GatewayEngine due to restrictions on my device and Python is not available.
Curl and wget are available.

I looked through https://support.exosite.com/hc/en-us/articles/205664984-In-Field-Updates-OTA but that seems to be for the OnePlattform with Portals as Frontend. Does that work with Murano as well? What are the required steps then?
My assumption is:

  1. Create content entity (BTW: what is the VendorCIK? I cannot find it in the Murano Backend. Is this the BusinessID?)
  2. Upload content -> Upload blob (tar.gz. archive)
  3. Authorize it for specific S/N : How to do that in single steps?


  1. List Content ids / list authorized content
  2. Get content info
  3. Get content blob (tar.gz Archive)
  4. start a script to unpack and install it

Do you have got a working example for the murano platform? Or do you have more docs about OTA / Murano please?


Hi @Marc,

Thanks for posting! The Provisioning system in Murano uses components of the One Platform and right now you can use the content system in Murano like Gateway Engine does with a few adjustments. Vendor_IDs and Model_IDs are not part of Murano and are both replaced by your Product_ID. You also will not be provided a VendorToken to upload content into your Product’s content area. Feel free to contact Support and we’ll help you generate an auth token for you to use.

The typical interaction is in-line with your assumptions. You could still use Gateway Engine’s source code as an example on how a client would interact with the Murano content area.

I know that an update for this system will be released in the coming weeks that should make OTA updates for devices much easier.

Happy to help,