PC hangs when TM4C1294XL connected to Ethernet



I have been working with TM4C out of the box example code (qs_iot) with exosite. When the launchpad is powered by an external power supply and connected to router through ethernet cable, I am able to connect the controller with exosite website. On the other hand, my PC hangs when the controller is powered up with my laptop & the controller is still connected to the router. When I remove the ethernet cable, my laptop works fine (launchpad still powered with laptop). I even checked the voltage on the controller and it is 3.3 VDC. Also, I don’t face any issue when the launchpad is connected to Laptop’s ethernet port and powered up by Laptop’s USB port.

Are there any power/EMI issues I am missing in my setup? My ultimate goal is to get access to the serial port of the launchpad (with laptop) while the controller is connected to the ethernet.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @pjk87,

The Exosite Community forum is here to help developers use Exosite software and Exosite products. It sounds like you are having a power issue with either your laptop or TI’s TM4C, which are not directly connected with Exosite. We are pretty generally happy to help with issues, but I don’t think that this is the right place to get the help that you are looking for – Regardless, we’ll take a shot.

I would try and eliminate variables and try a different PC, USB cable, and dev board. Not necessarily at the same time. Narrowing down what is having the issue is going to allow to focus on the real problem.