Portals require reactivation after CC3200 inactivity



I am running into an issue where a custom board with a CC3200 is unable to connect to exosite after about a day of inactivity. If I re-enable the device from my portals account it starts to work immediately. I used CC3200CloudDemo v2 branch to base the code off of. It performs UDP single shot every 5 seconds. When I leave the device running it has lasted over a week with no problems. This has happened several times where if I leave the device off for atleast several hours it needs to be re-enabled. This is using a free portals account.


@b_tank, that is a strange problem indeed.

It’s hard to say exactly where the problem might be. Have you tried using the v2 code as-is from the repo to see if it displays the same behavior on your board? Or do you see this on more than one piece of hardware?

Somehow your 3200 is losing track of the CIK that is being stored in the off-chip flash using the filesystem libraries in the SDK. I would suggest using the debugger to step through exoPal_getCik and if that works check the corresponding setCik function to see exactly what is going wrong.

If both of those work (or if you’re not even using that code any more) check that you are sending a valid CIK with your requests. I would suggest just printing out the whole UDP packet before sending it.


Thank you for the suggestions they are very helpful. I’ll start printing out the full packet I’m sending so when it gets into that state I’ll have better insight. What you’re saying about how it may think it has a good cik but is not sending the correct one could have to do with it. I’ve been working on OTA during this period so have been doing a good amount of operations with the flash. I may have corrupted the cik file but where it’s still alphanumeric characters and it thinks it’s valid but it’s not actually the right value. I’ll repost here if I get a capture with the full UDP packet print out.