Problem compiling CC3200CloudDemo


I downloaded the source code from this link -
Import it into CCS, change ORIGINAL_PROJECT_ROOT to C:\ti\CC3200SDK_1.1.0\cc3200-sdk\example\out_of_box\ccs

While building the project I got the following error :-

Description         Resource             Path       Location               Type
#137 struct "<unnamed>" has no field "EventData"         main.c   /3200ExositeDemo          line 772 C/C++ Problem

Would appreciate if someone could advise how to resolve this error. Thanks in advance.


@JimmyLim, not sure what exactly the resolution here is, but it sounds like something has changed in the 3200’s SDK from v1.0.x to v1.1.x. You could either use the old version of the SDK or compare the differences between the out_of_box example in those two versions and pull in the changes into this code.

I can try to find some time to get that example updated, but it will be at least a few more days before I can get to it.


Thank you for your reply Patrick.

I changed to SDK v1.0 but the error still persists. I have also check for differences between the out_of_box example and does not seem to find any variations.

I downloaded the older version from and it compiled with no error.

Following code snippet from the above link did not give any error -

void SimpleLinkSockEventHandler(SlSockEvent_t *pSock)
// This application doesn’t work w/ socket - Events are not expected
switch( pSock->Event )
switch( pSock->EventData.status ) <<<<<<< no error from this line

I am really stuck…Hope you can help me out here. Thanks again.