Product ID on web site



I’m developing an application in C on STM32 to connect to Exosite cloud with HTTP API.
It is needed to give the product ID to connect to Exosite.
The users of my application have trouble to understand how to get the product ID.
On the web site, in the Solutions view, on the upper left side there is a small green icon labelled “ID” to copy the solution/product ID to the clipboard. It is difficult to see. The users don’t find it. They enter the product name and it does not work.
Would it be possible to display the product ID more easily?
I think it was more visible in previous version of the web site.




Hi Bill, maybe I can help.
In general, you can follow this:

Here are a few more details:

You need to create a Product Solution and then use the the product end point.

If you don’t have a product already, create one.

You can find your Product URL endpoint by clicking here, it will copy to your clipboard.
It should look like:

You don’t need to create a new device if you have the auto register identity on.

Your activation call would look like this using the example product endpoint I sent you:

POST /provision/activate HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 7


Also make sure you have one or more resources to write to and read from:

Hope this helps!


This is good feedback, thank you.