Raspberry Pi & Exosite - Authentication issue



Working on getting a Raspberry Pi connected to the site, I’ve been following the below tutorial running the Python application from the command line.


Everything seems to be going well and then I get an Authentication Error message below:

Connection Settings:
cik: [my cik grabbed from user info]
user_id: [my gmail address]
password: [my password]
exosite_bot: commander@m2.exosite.com
Data Source Settings:
cpu_usage: 7

 Authentication failed

I’ve tried a number of things including creating a new account and using a different password to no avail. Is there something else I can try?


Hello Isseckman,

I would recommend against using your gmail user name and password; I remember some performance issues in the past, and I was not able to use commander with my gmail credentials either.

I created a quick account with http://www.lightwitch.org/ . (They happened to be the first open USA hosted Jabber service I found.) I was successful in reporting my Linux machine’s CPU usage to the platform.

Exosite Commander is an old project of ours, if you are interested in a less canned and more powerful channel to interface with the platform, I would take a look at our RPC documentation.


This is a quick follow-up but after trying to use my gmail credentials I received an email from google letting me know that they prevented a ‘suspicious-login’. My understanding is that this was google preventing the commander application from authenticating (would be an extraordinary coincidence if it was not).

The important text from google is below:

###If this was you
You can switch to an app made by Google such as Gmail to access your account (recommended) or change your settings at https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps so that your account is no longer protected by modern security standards.

Sounds like if you really wanted to use your gmail account you could lessen the security restrictions that google has in place.

Use this at your own risk, I think the commander tool sends this information in-the-clear.