Retrieving OneP/Portals Device Data

OneP/Portals End of Life

As of 4/2/2020 all access to the Portals User Interface, Portals API, and OneP RPC API will be disabled. Device data will no longer be able to be visualized, will no longer be accepted, processed, or stored, and end-user access to the data will be discontinued.

Data Archiving

With the impending shut down, there are a few paths available for retrieving historical Device data if desired. Here we will outline the relevant resources that can be leveraged.
Note that everything mentioned below is (or makes use of) a REST API, which means you can make use of any preferred HTTP client - whether in command-line-tool or language-library form - and each of the approaches can be combined in different ways.

Portals API

The first path you might follow is to make use of your Portals Account credentials with different Portals API calls. For example, you could:

  1. Start by retrieving your UserID
  2. Use that ID to retrieve User’s PortalsID(s)
  3. Use the ID(s) found there to retrieve Portal Devices
  4. Finally, use the Data Source RIDs found there to get data from multiple data sources

RPC API (or Existing API Wrappers)

Another approach leads us to recall that all clients in the OnePlatform (Users, Portals, and Devices) have a 40-character token, known as a CIK, which is used to authenticate and authorize all manner of operations.

If you know the CIK of your User, Portal, or Device (e.g. you already had it, derived it using the PortalsAPI, or retrieved it from a physical Device), it can be used with the RPC API directly, with the Exoline CLI, or with the example Python Data Archive Script.

If you are working from your User down to a Device, the RPC API’s listing and info calls will help you derive the details (see identifying resources) necessary to query for Device data.

Final Note

We are so grateful to have seen, over the past decade, the OnePlatform and Portals technologies provide value for so many users. The technologies have been leveraged by persons ranging from those early in their IoT curiosity, all the way along the spectrum to organizations ready to develop and deploy production-grade connected products.

We are incredibly excited to continue our journey as leaders in the IoT space, using all that we have learned to inform our newest and ever-continuing developments. Please follow along - we’ll see you there!

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