Scripts in event list widget


Hi exomen,

If I create the widget event list for a device I also see the scripts running for this device.
I can’t remove it from the list.To me is seems strange to see an event that is not an event an never is going to be active.

Is there a way to create script’s that don’t appear in the event list. Or remove the script from the event list

Thanks in advance



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I totally agree with you - scripts shouldn’t show up in that event list. Just so I am clear - you are using the off the shelf widget called ‘Event List’? I’ll submit a request to get that changed.



HI Mike,

Yes i’m using the of the shelf widget Event list. While configurating the event list the script already shows up on the list to choose the default event from.

apparentlyi can’t upload images yet, so i can show a screenshot but it’s easy to reproduce the problem.



Hi Eric,

Thanks for letting us know! We have adjusted user permissions so that they may upload photos. Could you upload what you are seeing with this widget?

From my understanding you have an account on one of our free developer applications (e.g. Some scripts in these domains are added as domain resources and cannot be removed from the default list.

Also, the script is doing its job, in getting all ‘datarules’. In the Exosite backend scripts and events are two faces of the same coin – datarules. They can be scheduled into our Lua engine, or they can live as comparisons on data. Scripts have a historical ‘state’ that is their debug output, if you want to see what this looks like, just try ‘reading’ one of these resources.

Below are some links that I hope would clear up what are Clients, and what is the difference between their resources.

Overview of Clients and the Platform resources that they can own:

Documentation on Datarules, both of comparison(integer) and script(string) types:

We also have a post in this forum discussing the possible addition, or reference to an improved event-log widget




Don’t know what changed but i cant upload images
i’m using imgur now hope that that works.

about the screenshot, Alarm disable, Reset Alarm and Alarm status are events made on a device.
ack handler is a script that changes some data and handles and exchange some other stuff with our embedded device.

The script is working, it does what it is supposed to do the event list is the default event list display on a portal *** we have a white-label sub domain

When i edit the list i can’t choose which event’s i want to display it displays them all see the image below

What looks strange to me is that ack_handler is displayed here. And even when that’s supposed when it’s false, in the overview of the script the status is green and running.

embedding imgur images doesn’t work either.

i’ve made solid links.

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