Secondary Portal Menu: Link to Dashboard, no user rights


I’ve configured a secondary portal menu with links to my dashboards. Although I am logged in, the dashboard called from that menu doesn’t seem to inherit my user rights and subsequently I can not modify the widgets. They are in view-Mode only. In this mode a “Tabular Report”-Widget doesn’t show any content.
Any idea?
Thank you!


@Marc - thanks for posting!

The reason you don’t have any permissions to edit or configure the dashboard is because the menu links you have create are links to domain dashboards. Domain dashboards are templates of dashboards that you have created elsewhere in your Portals system. Übersicht und Temperaturen are the names you have given these templates, you should be able to find the ID of the source dashboard on your /admin/domaindashboards page. The dashboards using the template you referenced cannot be edited by the end user, as they are a method by which an administrator would homogenize the end-user’s experience. You could of course update the source dashboard and commit the changes by refreshing the pointer on the /admin/domaindashboards page.

As for permissions, the should be unchanged in while using the dashboards using your domain templates. This means that read, write, and edit calls made on resources should work as expected.

How are you passing resources into this widget? My first guess is that the data you expect to be sent into the widget’s context is not there.

Let me know if you have questions,


Hi Martin,
thanks for you Response. What I intended to have on my Dashboard is two Buttons / Menu items to switch to different views . When I was using direct links e.g"https://<subdomain><long number>" the browser opens a new tab, but I want to see it in the same tab. Obviously the _self Attribute as in e.g
_<a href="" target="_blank">Visit W3Schools</a>_
cannot be used there.



I think you can use the _parent value for the target attribute. Here is a very stripped down custom widget that takes the user to the /manage/devices page in Portals:

function(container, portal)
    var html = '<a target="_parent" href="/manage/devices">This link should uses a relative link</a>'
    // var html = '<a target="_parent" href="">This link take the use to Google</a>'


Let me know if you have any trouble with this,